GRAF SEIBERT Graf and Seibert were instant best friends when they met for the first time after their studies at the Art Academy in Maastricht in 2005. Since then it has been a mutual and deeply felt urge of Graf Seibert to reflect the absurdities in our wealthy western society and translate them into art performances and interventions and now furniture pieces. For this they use an approach of citing archetypes and forms that the industrialized brain understands instinctively, but add irritation as a final ingredient to their concepts actively avoiding a raised finger.

THE THOUGHT EXPERIMENT What would happen if objects of everyday life whose functions we have never questioned could not withstand the pressure to perform? And develop psychological issues of their own?
Patricia Yasmine Graf & Fabian Seibert’s Psycho Furniture Collection poses a series of unique questions: How much light does a depressed lamp radiate? Is an anorexic bed still of some practical use? Can a dresser with multiple personality disorder be the perfect solution for all those couples fighting over the style of their bed room furniture?

THE PSYCHO FURNITURE COLLECTION Our service-based economy provides us with millions options and  opportunities, but performance demands are foggy and high. We’re expected to perform and perform. In ever new ways. With no end in sight.
Despite living in one of the wealthiest and most stable countries in the world, recent studies show a staggering increase of 76% in the diagnosis of mental illnesses over the last 10 years.
For example in the USA almost 40% of high school students are on Retalin prescriptions. And one out of five university students and probably as many of their professors use it to be able to focus and concentrate. Competition is on. Including the side effects.
In many places mental disorders are still considered a topic that is taboo. Having a mental disorder is viewed with the same stigma as a facial tattoo. More than a few people have visibly displayed their pain through self-inflicted injury. Even though the wounds may heal, the scars remain.