The PEARLY Collection

In autumn of 2010 I developed The PEARLY Collection.

With The PEARLY Collection you can tell that i am obviously a fan of the style protrayed in the series Mad Men, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and even more the everyday chic introduced to the world by Coco Chanel.

Short Collier.

Progression Collier.

2-string Collier.

The 4-string BANGLE comes in three sizes, the RING is a single string and winds around the finger in five sizes.

Made from coated lasercut steel each PEARLY COLLIER is supposed to be adjusted so it lies flat on your neck and shoulder line. With it’s well-balanced layout you will barely notice wearing it. Since there are so many different and equally beautiful necklines out there, I make each COLLIER in three sizes.