ROSEY Collier

THE ROSEYs are my second 2007/2008 collection. The ROSEY COLLIERS are silhouettes of a rose with a barely open bud, soft but spikey, 3D but 2D, almost like a tattoo, blooming but not quite yet, distant and delicate.
My inspiration was clearly the Film Noir of the 40’s and 50’s. The private detective, a tough guy, is cosseted by his honest and lovely secretary who is very sectretly in love with him, but he falls for the Femme Fatale. He seems to need the influence of both of the women, they are of such contradictory nature that their features could never be unified in one. THE ROSEY COLLECTION embodies this romantic battle of good and evil. With the help of modern technologies I translated this old antagonism between thorns and perfume into subtle silhouettes that can be worn as avantgarde jewelry.
Made from coated lasercut steel each ROSEY COLLIER is supposed to be adjusted so it lies flat on your neck and shoulder line. With it’s well-balanced layout you will barely notice wearing it.

TitleROSEY Collier from THE ROSEY COLLECTIONYear & by© 2007 / 2008 Fabian SeibertMaterialscoated lasercut steelColoursmysterious night black, blood red or sensuous warm